We have expanded our horizons to cater to create customer value and empower innovation for health insurance intermediary services, claims management systems and customer service for an array of insurance types. Some of our distinctive payer solutions comprise of the following: CLAIM MANAGEMENT, PROCESSING AND ADJUDICATION Paper claims are collected & segregated separately into States & providers group by the mailroom solutions team. The claims are then scanned & assigned to the claims processing team who adjudicate the claim for payments or denials. We provide solutions for claims re-pricing & adjudication which includes members eligibility verification, provider contract verification required for claims processing, verification of codes to spot bundling issues & duplicate claims. We also audit claims to ensure adherence towards compliance. ENROLLMENT AND ELIGIBILITY SERVICES We enroll new members, provide customer service where we do financial counseling to help members choose the right plan, we also provide services for screening & conversion of members from Medicare & Medicaid to Managed Care Plans. Contact center support for provider/insurance Inbound/outbound Support. We provide contact center support for the providers, insurance companies and the patients.

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