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Welcome NPB Consultants Pvt. Ltd.NPB Consultants is one of the leading healthcare companies of the world specializing in providing value-driven revenue-health care solutions. We create value for physicians and hospitals through scalable solutions that help facilities improve patient care and maximize reimbursement.

Medical Transcription

We offer HIPAA compliant medical transcription services to all the healthcare providers by delivering over 98.5% accuracy -calculated as per American Association of Medical Transcription.

We have the three layers of Quality check. We have been the pioneer in the health care services industry in terms of one-on-one service, turn-around-times, and one of the highest accuracy rates in the industry

Medical Billing

At NPB, our medical billing staff understands the basic and major medical coverage plans, such as the Fee-for-Service Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Point-of-Service Plans (POS), and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

They know the different methods of billing patients and understand the medical billing company with all its complexities. Medical billers at our medical billing company in NPB are experts in the terminology & software most often used in a medical office

Medical Coding

We are 100% HIPAA compliant and can handle all of medical record coding. We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in the latest medical coding technology.

Due to our rapid deployment and set-up, we have the ability to manage a high volume of medical record coding work with a short turnaround time. As part of our medical coding services, you have access to specialized coding skills, and receive coding feedback and custom reports. You will have better control and coordination of your claims, fewer insurance company denials, and more efficiency in your back office.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 24*7

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+011 416 581 73

E-mail: info@npbconsultants.in.

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